about us

el camino is all about the journey; finding our way to wellness together. We are here to support you to find your way and to nurture yourself, and we are here to promote peace and wellbeing for all We invite you to come and enjoy the warm and peaceful atmosphere of our studio. Primarily, we provide yoga and mindfulness training, and wellness coaching. Our small and personal classes are enjoyable, safe and doable. Our studio is also available for hire, contact us to discuss your needs. 

general yoga classes

  • Yoga is an excellent way to heal and develop ourselves; body, mind and spirit.
  • A general yoga class incorporates the traditional aspects of yoga practice, including a warm up, various types of physical postures designed to strengthen, stretch and enliven, breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation.
  • Classes are small and personal, and yes you will be able to do it!

specialist yoga classes 

  • We can and do provide a range of specialist classes, including gentle yoga, cycle yoga, children's yoga, etc. 
  • Gentle yoga is a shorter and less physical class, designed for people who are less mobile. It is a wonderful way to help manage injury and illness through promoting health, mobility and inner peace. 
  • Cycle yoga is designed to meet the specific needs of cyclists. 
  • Yoga is wonderful for children and teenagers to maintain flexibility and also to promote mental health and positive body image. 
  • We also offer private yoga classes, where we work with you to design your own yoga program. 

meditation and mindfulness classes

These ancient practices have huge modern appeal becuase they are so effective in increasing our capacity for being present and calming our whole system down, thereby creating more peace, connectedness and effectivness in our daily life. Practicing in a group setting amplifies the benefits. Our Meditation & Mindfulness classes provide direction and support for creating and maintaining your own personal home practice. We also make time to share a cup of tea and have a chat about life. 

qi gong classes

Qi Gong classes will be run by experienced teacher Konrad Dorn when we have a minimum number of students booked in. They will be scheduled on a term by term basis.  Qi Gong classes are suitable for all ages and are known to promote good health, longevity and inner peace. please contact us regarding enrolments. 

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